V- BOMB Veggie juices (WIN a week of juices!)

Hi everybody!

I while ago Anouk from V-BOMB asked me if I wanted to test out some of her veggie juices.
After taking a look at her website and her information about veggie juices I said YES PLEASE!
I absolutely love to review products but they have to be in line whit what fits for me as my unique personal individual ;), and you as my readers offcourse.. And I’m totally in to the healthy, fitspiration, foodie way of life and the veggie juices from V-BOMB suit there perfectly.

The veggie juices are fresh juices that directly (after slowjuicing) are quick frozen so you can keep them in your freezer for 5 months (!) and after it has been thawed you can keep them in yoyr fridge for 5 days. But I assure you, when they are ready and set for drinking it takes me about 10 minutes tops to finish them haha!

The veggie juices are slow juiced, raw and cold and this is the perfect process to keep all the ingredients and vitamins in top form in one bottle for you. Oh and with minimal oxidation!

Some short quotes about the V-BOMB veggie juices:

Your daily needed amount of fruit and vegetables in one bottle..
500 grams fruits and vegetables in one bottle of 250 ml..
Pure juice without any preservatives..

I tested out the juices for a week and I am really surprised.
Not only that they are really tasty (the wheatgrass and carrot are my faves!) but they are miracle workers for my skin.. And this difference was noticable in only a week! I have a bit of ‘skin problems’ since I changed some things in my life. Less hormones for example.. Hooray for less moodswings, but goodbye flawless skin.. So I’m struggling a bit in finding my way back again to perfect and flawless skin and I can honestly say that the veggie juices are helping me with this..
So good for your health, mind and body!

And the best new: I may share this with you!
We have a win action at Instagram where you can win a week supply of these Veggie juices.
How to win this? It is really simple:

– Like and Repost the picture on Instagram
– Follow @areyoulookingclosely
– Follow @vbomb_veggiejuice

So I will see you on instagram?



PS: Wanna read more or order right away?
Visit www.v-bomb.com

And this is how you get them! In a freezing bag to keep those babies nice and cool!

Jummy in my tummy!

Took my Herbs juice with me to a Minfulness training.. Double healthy!

Hmmm wheatgrass you are one of my faves! Took two of my juices out of the freezer for a weekend family trip to the Ardennes Belgium!

This is my other face: The Carrot one, a Skin Miracle worker!!

Interior happiness with a touch of design..

Hi all,

Recently I moved in to my new appartement!

Well, it was more camping than living in the beginnning as I was still painting and rearranging everything. I’m a bit of a perfectionist (understatement…) and I wanted to start from scratch! So everything gone, new paint, new floors, new everything. Week in week out my days consisted of working and more working at home.. But now the fun part: The interior :)! New furniture, decorations, etc etc.

Since a couple of days it was the first time my new place started to feel like home. Everything is getting a (new) place, old stuff, new stuff.. The images in my head regarding to what I wanted in my home are starting to fall in place. Okay there are still a lot of things that has to be done. Rearrange my lamps for example, right now I only have one lamp above of the dinnertable, the second one is still in the box. And I’m on the look out for curtains in the living room (curtains are really underrated, now I don’t have them I really miss them!) and my BF and I have to search for a big sideboard. So we can unpack all the tableware etc.

Still a lot to do!
But I’m pretty happy right now when all my stuff is coming together and I see it is just as I imagined :)! Love it when a plan comes together <3!

Enough words! Pictures or it didn't happen as my friend says!

A bit dark this one.. And I’m still looking for a nice flowerpot! Any suggestions?

What do you think?

Cozy sweaters & Knitwear.. <3 Autumn!

Autumn, its my most wonderful season of the year!

I love love love autumn.. I love the cozyness (is that a word?), the changing colours of nature, the feeling of cocooning in your fave knitwear on the couch with a large cup of tea and my favorite girly series on Netflix (New Girl, PLL, Breaking Bad etc etc)… Scented candles in the windowsill. Can you paint the picture?


Right now I can finally relax in my new appartement. The last weeks I was living in a rush! My days and weeks consisted of work, painting, scraping, cleaning and lifting very heavy stuff! So glad I’ve got to the decorating part now. Especially when it is cold and rainy outside I love to stay inside.

Oh and one of the best parts of fall… FALL FASHION! Summer is the dullest fashion season if you ask me.. Fall = cute sweaters, great boots, hats, scarves, layering with my clothes, jackets <3!

What is your favorite season? Do you love fall as much as I do?

Sequin summer


I love love love sequins.. But it took some time to express my love.
Bought this top 2 years ago at Forever 21 in Antwerpen. And there it was, in the summer clothes boxes at the attic. The bohemian, see through sequin top, with the cards still on (!!). Perfect festival outfit, so I wanted to wear it at Lakedance festival but when I wanted to go it was too cold for denim shorts and a sequin cropped top. So I changed, but damn I regreted it instantly. When I walked to the entrance the sun came through and it was so HOT! But okay, no worries, I will wear you next time :). So for now, a little selfie with my baby, and see you again soon…Real soon…

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Spring is in the air

Spring, I love you.

Everything becomes more beautiful, everything is in bloom, birds are singing, getting up when the sun shines (well.. almost) and coming home when it still isn’t dark, boatcamping in the woods.. And although spring isn’t officially here yet, I’m just as confused as the singing birds and newly grown daffodils and crocuses. Spring is in the air! And how lovely was this weekend! Enjoyed the dunes with my bestie and little Yannick, and a delightful wine on a crowded terrace.. But as we would never be able to get a table there, the back-up plan was a fine visit with my friend Nadia (yes, namesake and friend) in the garden. Doing fine :)!

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Buenos dias from Spain!

Het is even stil, maar met een goede reden! Ik ben een weekje de kou ontvlucht naar Spanje.. Toch een voordeel als je tante geƫmigreerd is!
Vanmiddag een shopdag in Murcia, met een geweldige El Corte Ingles (lees ze hebben Nars….) en de Zara is hier way cheaper! Een stad naar mijn hart!

En voor nu, deze prachtige zonsondergang gisteren in La Isla Plana..
Tot volgende week!

Liefs x